BU ( / Kerala, India)


"Shut up, Be silent, "
Amazed to feel
the stuffing up of my mouth
with earth,
the mobbing up of my nose
with cotton,
the rubbing down of my eyelids
with soft fingers
and the tying together of my toes
with fine thread.
I laid down motionless.
The noise of shoveling filled my ear.
Shovel after shovel of earth
fell all over my body cold.
Burried I'm to a sensible Heaven of blooms.
Each flower I recognized,
even with it's sweet fragrance,
The babbling of the brooks I heard
with the spontaneous sprinkle in the air
But strange!
Except the taste of earth on my buds.
A procession is passing forward
to the cool shade of a
big peepal tree,
I bowed down
as a sign of farewell
to the dark body
ever I loved with passion.

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I laid down motionless/The noise of shoveling filled my ear....pulsating poetic expression! A thought provoking poem! (10)