Funeral For A Murdered Princess (Sonnet)

Poem By Lenore Lee

Who curtsies to her who is like the princess?
Only the cackling coos of the commoners
Only the laughing liars who treat her as less
Can speed her on her way with their horrid whirs
Only mockeries for her, no tales or tears
How can she sleep with so much noise?
She’ll lie in her bed for a thousand years
She won’t be allowed to rest with her poise

Whose candle burns in her honour?
Not in the hands of family, only one friend’s
That friend hopes that the princess’ wound mends
The friend watches the coffin get its mar
She cries a heartbroken tear, slumps her pose
And leaves her dearest a bloody rose

Comments about Funeral For A Murdered Princess (Sonnet)

This Poem is magnifiecent, its meaning even more so, I can imagine all of this, nicley used words.
Wow, I really love this, my friend. You have such an amazing talent, to inspire emotional and deliver an immediate philosophy. You are one of my favourite writers.
This poem is about a lesbian being murdered by people she loves when she admits she’s homosexual. They don’t give her an appropriate funeral and dishonour her as many times as they can during it. Her lover is still alive and is aching with the loss of her ‘princess’ but cannot speak out against the people defacing her body for fear that they will find out she was her lover and will also kill her. The ‘bloody rose’ has a few meanings. First, the rose is a symbol of love. But it is tainted with blood because her lover’s blood has been spilled when she was murdered. It is also tainted by hatred and prejudice.

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