Funky Ding Dong

I sit here and wonder about each little bit
I think for a moment that this just isn't it
I do realize that you'll need a que to get the lit

For I just don't understand what's with the care
For I really think it's all in what you have up there
For I'm aware some who can't get it clear or even near

Yet I'm afraid I simply just don't get the misunderstand
But you see I could declare the air and write for another
Despite my efforts I need to be fair and true to the one who's here

So vague I may stay for a while
And I don't mind the pile of poors
Because one day I know I'll be proud to be me

Say what you may
For there could be that day
So if you go away you'll pay
I'm here to stay and yes I like to play

But if I may say I am disarranged today
For those who don't know though
There may be a day a page will be arranged

Which will display my name
Cause this is not a game
And I'm using my brain to learn no shame

by Jodilee Duke

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Smile Jodilee and keep writing: -)
I love the title jodilee, it is a shame when we have to defend, the reason behind why we are poets, because a few idiots cant understand our desire to please other people who read our work we should be able to write in whatever style or subject our heart desire without having to defend ourselves constantly I find you a most enjoyable poet with the ability to reach both children and adults young men and young woman With a warmth allan