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Funny, Girl.
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Funny, Girl.

Would you like life to be a movie?
Which film would you choose?
Which character would you play?
Happy ending or tragedy...
Comedy, drama, parody?

Sally in that restaurant scene?
Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen
Catherine hauntingly seeking Heathcliffe
Holly Go-Lightly crumbling quietly
Or Thelma and Louise....

Would you always find your heart
In this movie with a classic start
Would the girl get her man,
Would the goodies always win
Or would poignancy hit on the chin?

Would the script be a mirror?
Would you invite your friends for dinner
To see your life on the screen
Creating its own scenes, sets and dreams
Or would you keep it for a private viewing?

Carousel, South Pacific, Showboat.
Gone with the Wind, Oh Scarlet..!
From Here to Eternity, wrestling in the sea
Love is a foundation for these films
Love will take the Oscar every time

Oh what money there is to be made
From love and shattered hopes and dreams
Directors cruelly playing to our hearts
We identify with everyone it seems...
But real life is not a contrived play

The music doesn't intervene magically
To create that perfect kiss, you never
Look like Audrey, or Elizabeth, or Marilyn
First thing in the morning....
The roses don't bloom spontaneously in time

The doorbell doesn't chime when you need it
Bouquets don't wait on your desk
His arms don't circle your waist whilst
You prepare dinner and wash dirty nappies
The diamond doesn't hide in your oyster

The stars don't collide with the moon
Fireworks don't fill the sky with colour
A symphony doesn't play in the background
Why do they deceive us so...
These 90 minute love affairs with life?

We lose ourselves in their wonderment
Close our eyes and silently scream
'Why doesn't that happen to me'.
Why can't I feel like a Pretty Woman
Where is my Knight in Shining Armour

Cruel things. Messing with our dreams
Making us discontent. Mm, what part will I play
Who will I be today? Which strong woman
Which one that gets their cake and eats it?
Which lady in rapturous love shall I be?

Lizzie waiting for her D'Arcy
Sandy in black leather for Danny
Match-maker Emma finding Mr Knightley
Juliet bereft over Romeo, but wait!
The looking glass tells me, it's just me

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Comments (3)

Indiana Jones or Han Solo, absolutely. Neatly presented MIchelle. Loved it.
Why this is an easy one 'Thelma and Louise' and Brad Pitt would be in it with us for a remake............what 'ya think Michelle...This is delightful....You are getting better and better then ever....marci.xo
Wow thats great, one of your best. Strangely today I'd just like to be an 'extra' in the background!