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***funny Honey Money***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***funny Honey Money***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Seems everyone just hates to see me change
But my brain feels maimed with no ambition of fame
Just money and its funny all I want is that and my honey
Coz the rest are all dummies and I can’t get chummy
With new people who are feeble, fake, and evil
And old friends who crossed me are no longer equals
So i'm use to standing alone prone to breaking thrones
A war zone is my home and a battling I shall go
No love for my peers not after all these years
I won’t shed a tear to hear u all lost what is dear
Coz u haven’t got a clue on what it means to be true
All u do is front, your lost in an image that isn’t you
Like your all a heard of sheep, your all the same no one is unique
U will never reach the peak with all that rubbish you speak
A petty lil criminal running his mouth like he hard is so pitiful
Taking advice from a prisoner? U idiot that’s why u minimal
Wise up learn from the quiet ones before your freedom is critical

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awesome bruv seriously quality rhyme