TJ (17th June 1958 / England)


Furrows in the aching brow.
Furrows in the wakening earth.
Both scored deep by the power of the plough.

Furrows in the brow:
Following fault-lines,
Beaten into submission
By circumstance and situation -
An unattractive portrait of aging and suffering.

Furrows in the earth:
Parallel productivities in loam
Dug, dark and lifted
Aired, turned and shifted –
A masterpiece weave of technique and mystique.

One fruitless: turned astern - stunting pain and past history
The other fruitful: looking ahead - all growth and creativity.

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Comments (2)

It just shows that there is a subject for everything. This is what we do in our writing group, throw in a few words and what comes out of it makes our poems. I particularly admired your inward and outward vision of furrows... dug, dark and lifted to aired, turned and shifted. A nice piece to plonder over....10 Karin Anderson
Furrows.... Lifelines, my friend. The lines that the act of living leaves upon us. I have more lines around my eyes than a London road atlas so I can identify with the sentiments within this lovely piece of introspection.