Further More While On The Phone

Poem By Shadow Hamilton

I stayed there on the line
Waiting for your voice to pick up
when you finally did you sounded mad
And told me of your latest break up

Talk to me, talk to me
you know i'm listening
Even though its a thursday and were going through hell
you know that i won't tell

Your story ends and i give you advice
And our lives suddenly broke apart
bringing down the snow adn the ice
of the worlds problems

You put down the phone
You grad for the blade
I tell you to put it down
Your shocked gasp at the other end lets me know that you

I know what you were planning to do
Life screwed us both and the world treated us to hell
But would you really do it
And give death the pleasure of hearing Her bell

Finally giving up to the world?
But thats not what we fought for
but the again, to me
your heart closed the door

Ever since I met you
I thought you understood
that life is horrid, crule, and rude
And you expressed all the anger you could

But these things change
As the world does
adn we grew apart, the distance in our range
the calls grew less frequent adn the letters never came

And one night I decide to die
and the pills slip down my throut
And i was so close to death i heard her call to me
She said 'there sinks a powerful boat

but it's not time for you to die
my dear and the descision is up to me
but now you live for there is
more of the world for you to see'

She said this and I woke up
it was sunday
and the world was being stuckup
there was no one there with me

no one that cared but then I called you
and everything was so strange
you were on the phone
so you gave me a call later

But it didn't matter for you were talking
about Jason i told you all about it
but you didn't really hear
you just sat there and you threw your fit

Because he hadn't called you
and that was where your attetion was
and that's the story
hope that gave you a buzz

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