Poem Hunter
Further Studies
(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Further Studies

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

Whale, kale, female, sale, male, vale;
For further studies!
But, you can see it on their faces;
Because, they are all defiled.
Pale, bale, ale, dale, gale, hale, tale!
To begin with;
Love and war,
But to see them dancing around it.

To witness it,
You can see it on their faces;
To see it,
For this wordly music is taking away the minds of my people! !

To love it,
To witness it,
To use it,
To kiss it,
To play it,
To do it,
To cook it,
And to work with it;
But, this worldy music is killing my people! !

The sound,
The time,
The melody;
Desirable enough to lead them away! !
And, my people are always caught up in it;
But, it makes no difference how little it is.

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