Poem By Lucille Clifton

for mama

remember this.
she is standing by
the furnace.
the coals
glisten like rubies.
her hand is crying.
her hand is clutching
a sheaf of papers.
she gives them up.
they burn
jewels into jewels.
her eyes are animals.
each hank of her hair
is a serpent's obedient
she will never recover.
remember. there is nothing
you will not bear
for this woman's sake.

Comments about Fury

Hmmm.... The importance of a gold in two hands.... Mother! Lovely! Joshua.
Deeply emotional. Nice poem.
For her sake everything can be borne despite the rush and blows that may pass like the fury of a whirlwind, and the swiftness of lightning and the result will be the same as jewels burned would culminate in jewels.......outstanding..........thanks for sharing
Such a great write by Lucille Clifton👍👍👍
A beautiful and tender poem. Very heartfelt.

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