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Fusion Refraction
FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

Fusion Refraction

i will not be scorched
by the flame of another
i shall keep my fire
fueled only by the pure
kindling found deep
within the terrain
of my wooded home

the sun shall bring
enough light by day
and a torch well-lit
providing steady
footsteps tredding
the dark by night

[as I search for what
I cannot find or name]

no light save by the moon
on occassion when it
occassion finds
which reflects the sun bright
from yonder hemisphere
translating another's flame

that illumines my weary soul
with tongues & quills on fire
intermingling in a display
of fiery scathing sparks
and warm glowing rays
of gently wedded breaths

[to possess at last
what i have named & found]


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Comments (1)

I like the image of 'scathing sparks.' Otherwise I found the poem confusing. I didn't know whose flame was whose or where the light was coming from at various places or even what you were trying to convey overall - something about seeing the light?