I finally see the futileness of all these I have done
At the very end, I know, I should never have begun
I hope it’s not too late to save this cowardly soul
From the hope it keeps, buried deep, but knows it cannot hold

I can’t imagine what I’m worth to your mighty pride
Compared to you I’m nothing more than a begger’s bride
I cannot offer up any gold to the altar in your shrine
What I have is a seed that could, one day bring forth wine

I hope to end this, all on a poignant note
That as much as I’ve treasured, I’ve also lost much hope
I cannot deny the fact that I’m selfish as hell
But you affect me so much, heck, it’s just as well

by Lynnie Kim

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Excellent write, Lynnie... there is nothing at all inferior about your poetry. Good stuff! ! Brian