Futile Try

It makes difference
When love is los at once
When it creates hatred
Or on break point when misled

Prior to bachelor state
It was almost irresistible stand
I used to wait for hours together
Could smell her near

The nuptial tie brought us closer
She had everything to offer
We were spending life together
It almost brought daily shower

Life was blossoming
Some ne soul was coming
We were happy and delighted
Some new hope was ignited

"Your wife was seen with that fellow"
"Are you aware of"? I was puzzled to know
At first stroke, it almost broke the alliance
I was burning with rage and so much furious

But good sense prevailed
Was I going in wrong direction or failed?
I saw no such change in her eyes
I brushed off the story as someone's futile try

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Nice write Hasmukh...! ! ! patrick amoroso9 hours ago This held my interest, because it was well written...thanks for sharing it with us...! ! !
Tough Robbie Blackburn4 minutes ago Tough to know what someone's motivations are.
It makes difference When love is loss at once