Excitement Of Love

Racing through my veins
At the spped of light, or maybe love
Our lives will never be the same

The chance to live, the chance to love
It's been all that I've been dreaming of
I know that sometimes it will be tough
But if we don't try, how will we ever know?

It's a risk that's worth taking
If it means a new life together
It's a gamble worth making
If it means true love forever

When all else fails
In both love and war
Only love will remain
With no enemies anymore

When we're together all feels so right
Nothing can touch us, haven't I shown?
Our new life together with no end in sight
So let's go now, if you're not afraid of love

by TheSilent Loudness

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The old sun know the answer Once the sleep of the earth will be broken.
Painfully cynical existential angst brilliantly conveyed. It's too bad Owen died so young; he produced some of the most eloquently-crafted and powerful writing I have ever read.
i poems like these...very good
I like this one, its Good
This is an iconic poem, full of sadness of what the world wars are really like. True masterpieces and forever a favorite of mine.
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