Poem By Joanne Muscat

How can I think of what to do tommorrow.
When I can hardly focus here right now?
Who knows what is to happen in the future
Assuming that at least I'm still around?

Live for the moment, now and fully.
Never think about what is to come.
Just smile be happy love and cherish everyone.
And just thank God that you are still alive!

Live day by day or rather sec by second.
And never think about what to do when.
Just have a plan, a programme, an idea,
But an abrupt alternative could end.

Comments about Future

The problem is hard to guess what it will be happen tomorrow and we don't know what God keep for us for tomorrow. On the other hand, we must to work for tomorrow as is today and to think that it will be better than today as said: 'Optimism in good things then you will find it.' I like your writing it has something especial to feel you are abnormal person not crazy but not look like the others in your view and ideas.
I'm with you for living for the moment, not completely on board about thanking God for being alive.

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