Future Fast Forward

You can hide
From my gaze
But your conscience
Can never erase
Our memories
Will leave
their indelible trace

Different faces
Different names
You are all
Just the same
Wear wolves
Can, never
Ever be tamed
Dressed as protectors
To humanity, a shame

So nemesis is,
Catching up with you
No soothsayers or deities
For you to run to
And your end
Will be painful too

So run my friend
From your miseries
Your seeds of destruction
Are blooming as trees
And here I laugh
Tears streaming
down my cheeks

No! I am not crazy
But yes! Relieved

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

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So many beautiful new poems, I am far behind my comments and votes to all of my friends. Especially you lini.. I'm sorry about that. I have been so fucked up lately im not even sure who I am sometimes. Pardon my French. I will catch up, and I miss you my friend.