(22 December 1876 – 2 December 1944 / Alexandria)


All this darkness around me
It's hard to see what surrounds me
Everything I do is never enough
Nobody ever sees how hard I try
Happiness has long been gone from my mind
All I feel is numbness at certain times
So easy to trick those around me
A smile, a laugh, it's all I need
I show my true self to those I need
But fewEver bother to dig deep in
I can't keep pretending to be
A perfect little person for company
I can't bear be considered second best
But that appears to be the only spot that's left
Only keep it together thanks to those I love
And to them I am loyal until the end
So many things I do to keep my mind busy
But everything still comes back when I'm sleeping
Because all I really want
Is to escape

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