(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


The half-moon is not so bright
But awakens dormant desires
Of many shreds this very night.
The sky of your body spreads out
With desire in every pore
Pining to contain love
Behind heaven's closed door.
Honey of affection from across the foliage green
Drenches my entire being,
In a blue ecstasy of music
Does my soul sing.
Hold me longer dear Cool
To your empty spaces, thirsty crevices
Swallow me gently, suck me to the full
Silence this restive spirit-
Time's wandering bull.

Let me die slowly into your sluices
Like the foamy waters
Of the Salandi in spate
In tides of wild overflow
Without any trace of hate.
For we are all love-
In showers of crazy beams
From heaven's wet boughs;
You are my wild infinity
And I, a captive geometry.
Here dissolve all dark beneath my skin
Into the colours of your white petals
That spring from the Earth
In tune with love's quiet glow
O fountain make me your flow
For you are my root
And I a foisted bough
Waiting for the wind's blow;
I flounder, I stumble
Make me a little slow.
Suck me into the blue smokes
Of the silent fire that cools the hot Earth
Let me have that final fall
Let me, let me die
Into a honeyed new birth

by Saroj K Padhi

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