G.A. Studdert Kennedy

Those sad brown eyes
Sadder still for passing years,
When truth of humanity reveals,
Sorrow in the Heart of God.
Jesus wept.
You saw life
Not as you wished,
Nor as it was
But as it should be.
You felt the truth
Your words, dagger sharp
Did not hide the light
For comforts sake
Standing with everyman
Yet alone, in the last ditch.

Francis of the Battlefield
Sojourner of the truth
You gave to life
A gift upon a Cross
They say a Prophet
A Poet, a Padre
Your light shines
Darkness knows it not.
Bread and Wine
Cross of Christ
Through the cynics scorning
The cowards warning
we shall build on
Faith was your gamble
The stake… was your life.

by Adrian Wait

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