MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! G*d Unnamed

So many are reluctant, in their speech,
to make referral to the name of God;
as if to speak thus is to overreach
what may by human mind be understood.

Yet is it not the given power of mind
to do this very thing, and boldly seek
always the greater picture, there to find
the greater causes, and of them to speak?

Our consciousness is greater than the Sun;
it shines beyond the shadows of the mind;
in universal thoughts that look to One
a richer life this greater love may find.

Thus unnamed unity may head our quest;
for Goodness, Truth and Beauty there still rest..

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (4)

Some say that eternal justice, Rich, is to be exactly as we are... what a divine joke.
What did YOU do to incur the wrath of the '1' gnomes, Michael? You must have written something of depth and intelligence like this. They condemn what they do not understand.
Wonderful Michael...I envy your talent for sonnet and strive for a fraction thereof. Kenneth
thank you Michael: -)