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G For Girl
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

G For Girl

Poem By Eman Awad

Why am i always so sure,
that i'll be given a chance to change the world?
I'll find never land whichs' pure,
waters and it's clear skies are all another world?
Why do i think that i know the answer,
that i know more than any one ever knew?
I invented different cures for cancer,
like i guided this world, all the way through.
But i won't be found one day,
at some place i don't know to find i'm the one.
I'm not saving the world, not today,
i'm just another girl whos' dreams are gone.
Why did i always think that i can,
change you into a better person than who you are?
Why didn't i slow down to understand?
not all the wishes come true, once upon a star.
Why haven't i changed my self,
just to know not all that shines is gold?
I'm the one who needed all the help,
i'm the one broken and who's heart is sold.
I have a name and i had a heart,
just like any other person in this world.
I'm dying to have this new start,
but that's not my time, it was never the time,
i'm more than ordinarly simple, i'm just a girl..

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