G - R - A - F - I - T - T - I

: …..'Suppose you wish to walk away, I would let you go, but remember one thing, never ever come back again, even in silhouette…”

Her being coming out under whitening leafs, falling down along with the mist of the past, the eyes of skinny profiles were longing for thousand years of the beautiful color flowers in spring time, even my heart just the broken dream, formed rigidly in a poem: “lets go….”

Insects fly very low over the antique buildings, butterfly flip her wing softly beautiful as sonata, but twilight swaying faster before tumble down to be a dark curtain, as fast as a wallet your body fly like a bullet,

my body structure just as a picture nailed on a dead wall scribed ash graffiti – now, you are a stranger, I know what to do without you…..empty and old with ancient wall, soon and suddenly, is anything to speak of but ‘good bye’ stonily night, I see nothing except your foot prints.

Jakarta, April 15,2011

Translate from Indonesian poem Graffiti by Dewi Linggasari, Agats, Asmat, Papua Island


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