Poem Hunter
EP (4/22/90 / Warren Ohio)


Poem By Elysia Palmer

Gentle winds blow through tall grasses
White clouds drift by
Lying on my back
Watching the sun set and moon rise
Higher and higher the moon rises
Deeper and deeper into thought I slip
Lonely days
Hateful ways
Millions of thoughts fly through my head
Watching the sky fill with stars
Connecting the never ending dots
Making illustrations with these stars
Distracting myself from this disgusting world
To them I am a freak
To me I am misunderstood
Never to be understood
Never to be excepted
My pain makes me suffer
But I suffer alone
No one by my side
No one to care
I love only myself
I fight only for myself
No one will treasure me
I will treasure no one

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A powerful peice, nicely written.. lee