Gabriela Mistral's Dame La Mano

Poem By Geof Bard and Clara Martinez

Place your hand in my hand
Place your heart in my heart.
We as a flower in a meadow,
A single flower, and nothing more.

Voices, dancers, intertwined,
Moving as one, singing as one.
As the wind sends a ripple across the land,
An undulating wave across the fields.

My name is Hope;
And your name is Rose.
But you shall forget,
And become the dance,
The dance itself,
And nothing else.

Comments about Gabriela Mistral's Dame La Mano

Hand will be placed in hand an heart will be placed in heart. Your name is home and rose both. You have lovable attitude. This is an amazing poem very brilliantly penned...10
Clara disagrees with the order of two lines in the last paragraph: AS TRANSLATION COMPLETED BY GEOF: My name is Hope; And your name is Rose. IN THE ORIGINAL SPANISH: Te llama Rosa y yo Esperanza: pero tu nombre olvidarás, Geof contends that by transposing the order, the English meaning more closely conforms with the Spanish, which is that 'you' forget 'your' name (Rosa) . Although in the translation that is left somewhat ambiguous, it would be more so if the order was not transposed, and some ambiguity and some shuffling of sequence is within translator discretion. Compare, for instance, the Ursula le Guin translation, which omits certain concepts outright, which were present in the original. Now that everybody is totally confused, or, as Clara points out, ready to see a whole book about this matter, let's just say that it is Geof's laptop, and, besides, he is ultimately responsible for the final product ie English. Clara's rebutal is: Gabriela Mistral is (supposed to be) very simple, and if she was alive again, all this explanation for a simple verse...[at this point, Clara giggles] the controversy...not necessary.

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