MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)


(Note to the reader: This is by far my least favorite poem! -But one that everyone seems to read first! The prose is overly simplistic and bland. If you want a real love poem, read 'A Picture of Love' and 'In The Waters of Life! ' Please don't judge my ability by this lame scrawling!)

Your name is sweet music
That rings in my ears
A ballad that shall
Far outlast the years

Your smile is so bright
And your eyes burn like fire
My heart takes to flight
For you're my one desire

Like a twinkling star
From the heavens above
So beautiful and so stunning
I must be falling in love

Without you I'm nothing
But sad and alone
And my world collapses
My lonely heart turns to stone

I can't bear to be apart
From one so devine
So spare me that torture
And say you'll be mine

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She must have been a former lover
Michael, I can't help but disagree with your 'disclaimer'... this poem isn't 'lame' at all, infact it's quite good! ! Brian
Written from the heart, a wonderful love poem Michael. Kind regards. Justine