(5 June 1898 – 19 August 1936 / Fuente Vaqueros)

Don'T End Up Next To Me!

Don't end up next to me!
My hand won't warm yours
Your dinner will chill waiting for my arrival
The bubbles in the bathtub will go stale and stick to the sides
Your shoulders will stiffen while waiting in your chair

Don't end up next to me!
My kiss will wet your forehead only when you're asleep
Your tension will fill the rooms of any house
The pans will boil dry waiting for me to put them in the sink
The floors will remain eternally muddy for me to clean
Your frustration will bank and grow
Yielding pain

Don't end up next to me!
I will break your heart
My damned soul idealistically believes
In a destiny capable of displacing my earthy existence
You will trade your best days to validate your presence in my life

Don't end up next to me!
There will be loneliness and sorrow
My arms will hold you but my mind will fly far where my home is
Your body will be deprived
When in the early hours of the morning
I will be burning in the misting flames of passion

Don't end up next to me!
You will have to hold me when I fall
To bring me back to a life that fulfils me
To love me with more passion than my brain is able to process
To undress me in seconds of my past, present and future
All at once

Don't end up next to me!
To be kissed inch by inch
To be put on a pedestal in my hall of sacred feelings

Don't end up next me unless your heart and mind
Agree on me
My universe
My world
My destiny


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Imagery/figurative language welll handled. Sound and cadence less so.