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Poem By Elliott Gilbert

It all started out casual just as friends
Then it kept going farther it had no ends
It was you who made the first move
You who made me see that we should be more
You got stuck in my head you became the one to adore
So I bucked up and took a chance maybe I could change with you
Maybe become different, become the man I once knew
It started to happen I started to change
But things went wrong I became estrange
I let you go from the title we shared
Because I was pissy and didn’t know how much I cared
So I stayed on the edge trying to fix my wrong
And it seemed like we would be a happy end to a sad song
But I was played a player betwixed
For I didn’t know her feelings were mixed
Now she is gone and I have to forget
But I can’t I am breaking my one rule of never to regret
So goodbye hun you were much more to me than I knew
I tried to get things working but there was nothing I could do
He has forbidden us from talking even in text
Screw this bullshit rhyming ends this guy is a douche
But you I wish you happiness from one day to the next

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