Galaxy Of Poetry

On that dark night when I was not able to sleep
When I wanted to escape from this earth
to a different galaxy..  I flew high and landed in this galaxy of poetry
Where I am happy and more satisfied than ever before
I saw lots of glittering and shooting stars
Illuminating my Darkest night
Some are glowing like sun and rendering
warmth to brighten my day
Each one is unique in their writings
The wonderful poets who cherish my life
Bricks and Fabrizio are the strong foundations of this site
Robert is the influential poet of mind and neurons
Lamar filled with love and humour
Who surprised me by his poem 'Rini the poet'
Dev the most romantic poet
Richard the poet of 'life and love'.. Is the best poet I have ever seen
Unnikrishnan the poet of Indian epics and so loving
Kumarmani the creative writer, encourages me always
Edward who use the muse of art in poetry
Dr. Tony's poems reflect on mysteries of spiritual realms
Mr. John 'The crow' honest and caring poet
Kishore, Sidhartha, Jazib, Akhtar, Yoonoos, Saadat, Saravnan, Cheryl, Bill, Lynne, Geeta, Subhas, Dillip, Nuder and many others
all are the dazzling stars of this galaxy.

by Rini Shibu

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I love this poem.Congratulations Rini for your poem being poem of the day.
This is a tight poem. I love the way it is written.This is written very well.
Such a piece of art, rare and marvelous.
love this poem so much as it inspires
I flew high and landed in this galaxy of poetry.......a beautiful poem! My pleasure reading it time and again!
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