will it snow stars when we get there
my sister perhaps asked me
when we get to the end of the story

on a day Cinderella was dressed in blue
at least, we thought so
having decided on different hues for

her on different days
though really there were probably only the two outfits
in most paper doll sets:

the rag she wore around the house
to do the housework for the grumpies
and the one the godmother summoned

all spangly from the air.

yes it will snow stars we declared
and so it would happen.
and we'll arrive at the depot

in our crystal shoes
or the version of them
Grandmother found

in the F.A.O.Schwarz
Christmas Catalogue.
let's go look for presents

she enthused (not Grandmother, but
my sister) since her
favorite thing to do

her face all sticky
with candy cane, the odd petit four

was rummaging while
Grandmother taught the pianoforte.
so we did, and Grandmother, unaware

and found them everywhere.
so we expected Life to be:
all presents in unexpected corners

snow tinsel falling out of the skies
and we're prepared
good Brownies we were and wise

amid all falling stars-
ready for anything,
in our crystal galoshes.

mary angela douglas 31 july 2017

by Mary Angela Douglas

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