Game Of Life [rev]

I couldn't sleep - Nici's cat kept miaowing and peace
was only obtained by scratching her head, checking
her food and building a nest with a blanket stretched
between her chair and Nici's bed, a wild-dog stuffed
animal's fur against her neck: she's happy and I feel
better after reading Nici's SMS - she'll return in six

Months; I've already started planning a homecoming:
first day only her dad & I, Jacques with Tiaan to tend
a fire for the braai; next day, friends she'd care to see -
I'll take leave, enjoy the vivid sensation of her electric
presence - like in chasing me from her room, berating
me for using HER blanket

To construct a cave for her noisy cat, also her hating
my hairstyle so much - she'd refuse to comment then
tell me in no uncertain terms how stupid I was - and I
will hang on every word the worldly-wise little madam
uses, so glad to have my daughter home - and she'll
complain with a wide smile - what a lovely time, the

Distance between us means she'll be able to enjoy
her life, earn some money; fulfil her potential - the
pain of separation is part of the game of life…

by Margaret Alice Second

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