Two Souls, Three Seconds

I was trying to find daybreak
Stumbling, used and raped off into the east;
You were running scared into the darkness
Funny that our paths should meet

For a moment worlds collide
About half way between dark and light
A quarter before day and five minutes past night
We found peace within a crowd of bees

The honey wine we drank was sweet,
and the berries we ate stained our naked feet, meanwhile
for the three seconds we smiled together
the calamity of the universe was put on mute

And so it was, I carried on to find the day
Refreshed and grinning on my way
You, well you found yourself in the dark of night
Smiling by the glow of moonlight

by Nicolas 'Kokonutz' Kokonas

Comments (2)

I resent that sexist remark, Sid. Women ARE consistent in what they seek in a man. Only time may slowly change their ideals. The fact that we change our minds on other things has nothing to do with it. Some men just don't know WHAT they want and are forever changing, too. And I agree with Faith's poem, some men don't take women seriously. I will give Faith 10 because YOU have made me angry........very. Fran x
Men are at least consistant in what they seek in a woman.In general that is.Women have that subtle little trait that determines they change their minds not just every 10 seconds but with the moon, tides, time of the month and whether its the right color curtains to match that carpet.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Nice poem though.Subtle but THOUGHT PROVOKING.Ill give it 7 for getting me cross. Sid John.