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Game Over (C) 6-13-08
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Game Over (C) 6-13-08

First of all life is not a game we get no extra lives
Its not the Sims where we can have extra wives
Where you can fast forward through work to get simolians
In this world you actually die from inhalation of petroleum
In this life you can't press reset whenever you can't win
Or just fly by the board when in need of more men
But when you out of money you can use cheat codes
Or you listen to the walkthroughs to take the right roads
The cheat codes can put a bug in ya game
Turn you into somethin you're not now you turn to a lame
However to the people that surround you you did just right
Mashin together the buttons got you past the army of light
Now you're in the dark side
preparing to take on a boss who'll be givin you a dark ride
To the cell and court that you never dreamed you'd be in
Unfortunately you get no more help from ya men
You wish you had a code, that could be sold, to release a certain node
that travels in the room, charges, detonates and explodes
Leaving the frame lower,
now you smelling the fresh stover,
bust out, run around and hop in the range rover
But this is life not a game so sorry but Game Over

Copyright 6/13/08

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But this is life not a game so sorry but Game Over - my favourite bit. it is true many of us do treat like a game, only few see how it really is