Game Over With One Life

Empty inside,
is all I feel.
I try to hide,
how can this be real.

In such a short time,
it all falls apart.
Why is it a crime,
to have an empty heart?

To wish everyday was your last,
and cut again and again.
To try to escape my dark past,
with noone to call a friend.

A cut for my mom,
one for my dad,
After not long,
a cut for the happiness i never had.

I feel like a cave,
empty inside.
All I really crave,
is a better life.

One spent not in fear,
anger or doubt.
Wishing I was not here,
and for a life without.

A life without pain,
and an aching heart.
Where my tears don't rain,
as I fall apart.

Noone to pick up the pieces,
and help me glue them together.
My confidence decreases,
as I collapse altogether.

I hate this hollow feeling,
the one I have inside.
There is no more dealing,
with the tears I cried.

It's game over too bad I only have one life.

by Everlasting Nightmare

Comments (2)

This is a great poem good work,
i think this one is my favorite