Game Plan

You're trying to put off your close encounter with Mr.Grim Reaper
He feels for those who are hooked on sex, hard drugs, and rock'n roll
He's the one who enables you to buy time much cheaper
If you give off a smell of fear, he won't drive you up the wall
A final tour guide to the realm of Oblivion, he's always on the level
A smart jockey in the necropolis of the dead, he can't sell you a wolf ticket
On the battlefield he collects tolls, yet he's neither angel, nor devil
A master of disguise, doing his job, he may seem both merciful, and wicked
His ultimate goal is to get a buzz outa cessation of commencement
Since he rarely succeeds in that, he looks constantly like a deadpan
If he changed places with life, he wouldn't feel embarrassment
Over his predestination, and could formulate a new game plan

by Aram Stefanian

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