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Game's Love

It always begins with heart
Two lovers on the same hat
Who are playing on a game
Of which they made the frame
Imagine them on the wire
Without blood on desire
To change the constitution
For another love revolution

They create places
To find new faces
Before having to choose
Before having to loose
They have to make direction
And escape from prison
To reveal their crown
Before dawn
To be on a song tonight
To be on a dream this night

Sometimes there is a human race
Whitch takes his chance
On a calm water under sunshine
To carry love as a sign
Even if politicians support the discriminations
Despite of that some maintain God illusions
They don't want blood on the wire
To crucify their desire
On some breaking altar
To glory men dying on war

It's like that
Two lovers on a heart
Playing again and again
When others feed self-loathing
It's just between a male and his female
Having a long and warmly call
Ready to give the key
To anyone on every day
To keep their fate
On a flowers mat

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