BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Game (You Cannot Win)

When the dice are loaded and the cards are marked,
you can't stop playing the game you cannot win.
Your desires and hopes could fall to the ground,
leaving your head and heart heavy; sick with sin.
You gambled with Fate and you knew the stacks were against,
but you had to try to play just for an ounce of knowing.
Now the die has been cast and you close your eyes,
you close your eyes - afraid at what might be showing.

Trembling hands no longer run her soft flesh,
no more soft kisses sending chills down her spine.
The dice roll craps and your hands part for good,
leaving you to live the lie that everything is fine.
But the dice could roll lucky and Fate smiles down,
what you both want comes to fruition and grows.
Your kisses ignite the sun and send the stars spinning,
you burst the dams and your love flows.

Either is possible as you play out your hand,
playing a game you cannot win.
You keep playing despite that fact,
hoping to finally be in a place you've never been.

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good when we think about the cultured sense of ourselves the truth always comes out