Games For Winter In Indoor!

Chill weather accompanies winter mist, fog and smog
With ice cold wind in the evenings till night comes;
Warmth of morning Sunshine gives great relief ever
With 30 deg. and falls to 19 deg. in the nights long!

Long dark nights make all sleep long comfortably to
Have best rest and relief with sweet romantic dreams!
Due to heavy mist and fog, no one can out for anywhere
Making many indulge in indoor games like Chess or Cards!

Carrom board coin pushing with striker brings great joy
To children of energetic aiming accuracy to pocket coins!
What a joy all have in those games of great value since
A longtime of world life in many nations during winter..!

But Cards with fifty-two pieces cover the whole year...;
Yes, each card represents each Sunday of a year sure...!

by Ramesh T A

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