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Games People Play
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Games People Play

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Norton, friend of Links,
did have a history
of favourite media links.
He searched, non stop
for a View Home
where he could edit
all his files, and check his tools.
Back then the address
with the help of Autolink
had been refreshed.
It was called Google,
and this does conclude
this poem.

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Allan they are attracted to talent like you and me like moths to the flame. Eventually they burn. No harm done. Best H
why did the malcontent give you two why not the usual one that has thrown my theory right out the door and confused me does this person this low scoring person now give out twos' well herbert i have to even things out he must like you because he must realize you have friends AJS HAS BEEN HERE
The astute person who placed a two must have thought that this was something more than a compilation of words that happen to reside on the top part of my computer. Perhaps he will give me another two for the word 'compilation'. Life can be sooooo good. H