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Gandhi Ji’s B’day (Children)

Mom pointed to the sky and said
That’s where Grandpa Poe’s gone.
He on a star, far far away
Here it’s night there it maybe a day!

Then I ask her why is it a holiday today? -
She said it’s 2 October, our Bapu’s B’day
Then I ask her where did Bapu go? –
She told me the same place as Grandpa Poe.

I knew it! I say; they’re going to have fun today
It’s 2nd October, Bapu’s B’day!
Bapu invited Grandpa Poe for his party
And left me here to stay.

I begged Mommy to send me to the party
I also promised to be a good girl.
She said I have dreams to achieve now
I can go there when I’m old.

God, when will I be old?

(21 December 2006)

PS – Inspired from a real life incident where my cousin was told that his grandpa (who had expired) went to live on a star. Coincidentally it was 2 October, Mahatma Gandhi’s B’day and a national holiday. He wanted to know if he could also go to the b’day party. So my aunt told him that Gandhi’s also on a star. He was shocked and said, ‘that means Grandpa went to celebrate Gandhi Ji’s B’day! ’

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WOW! Beautiful poem! Love...................................................................Risha