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Gang Rape

Me and two friends at the fence we did meet
From escaping the instituition, we began to walk down the street
We were only fifteen, and we were abused troubled teens
We thought it was ok, we thought we would be safe
We were singing stand by me, looking for ciggerettes as we walked
We were laughing, making jokes just smiling as we talked
We saw a bright light, and a truck full of 4 boys
They pulled off the road, they asked if we would go

We arrived at a field, an began to drink and mingle
I started to get a headache as my head began to tingle
He handed me a few motrin or so I thought
In just a few moments, I couldn't believe what I got

Darkness took over, and the world began to spin
I was tied to each corner, of the truck I was pinned
Blindfolded and naked, the cold air chilled my skin
I could barely comprehend what was about to begin

Four men around me, getting drunk, just laughing as they got ready
He held her till she was steady, he was ready to do harm
One friend with a knife to her throat and herion in her arm,
The third friend hiding, hiding safely in the woods
Watching everything in fear, she cried where she stood

The first guy was quiet as he just raped me in silence
He seemed a little twisted like he enjoyed watching my face as he was violent
Over and over I thought it would never end
I knew by the huge puddles that I had bled
Bruises, bruises, all over my back
Rope burn and a abrasions on my wrists, my skin was cracked
So drugged up I knew barely what was occuring
I only knew I was in pain and my vision was blurry

The second man was more violent than you can ever imagine
He held back my hair, pouring liquor down my throat as he gagged me
I was laying in 4 to 5 inches of cold alcohol and beer
Half drowning, half vomiting, half shaking with fear
He was performing in front of his friends, like he was going to be the best
Like he had done this before, and he was better than the rest
Like I was a animal in a circus, I was a vile untamed beast
I was still tied up in ropes just dangling from a leash
Laughing, taunting, all the images were haunting
Making me scream more than ever before
Saying I wanted it, like a cheap used whore
Harder and more painful, I screamed through the center of my core
All I could do was scream and struggle
He held my mouth with his hand like it was a muzzle
My back arched up as far as I can go
Blindfold slipped down, and my wrist burned by rope
Repeating these words was all I could do to cope
Please god let me die, I give up all hope

The third man was like a cowboy saying giddy up you little whore
I am going to make you scream even more than before
I tried to get up, but he slammed my face to the truck
Listen here little girl, you about to be f-cked
Sodomizing me, mouthing f-cking me, my voice went horse
Body went limp by the violence of his force
Insane I was thinking such suicidal thoughts in my head
Repeating just kill me, just let me be dead
Laughing, laughing, I began to see hope
I saw the license plate numbers on the other truck just parked over the hill slope
I began to repeat it, again and again
Not knowing, not caring that my life was about to end
Look she is delirious, she is saying her abc's
What is that little darlin, that are you trying to say to me
You want to know what it is that I am saying, you stupid red neck trucker
That's your license plate number you stupid mother fucker
I was laughing now, screaming every charge I was going to give
There faces went white, and than turned to a angry red
They were deciding to not let me live and what to do with the body once I was dead
As they discussed, there was still one more, but they walked away to decide my fate
Now appeared the 4th guy, and it was his turn to rape

The 4th guy he seemed shy, like he really felt bad
But not enough to still have, the good time that he had
His eyes seemed soft like he was just doing it, cause they made him partake
I thought maybe this could be a chance to convince him to set me free for my sake
I cried and cried just begging please god let me die
He held my face and began to kiss me as I cried
Saying he was sorry, that he now knew this wasn't right
That he would try to not let them hurt me anymore on this godforsaken night
He went to go talk to them, to try to convince them to let me live
He murmured please god, please lord could you one day forgive

The violent one came back, his hands wrapped around my throat
Screaming he would not go back to jail as he would not be able to cope
He was strangling me, I was choking, as my wish was finally here
Until my friend in the woods, smashed his head into a bottle of beer
Unconscious he was, as my friend loosened me free
I was convulsing for air, I was so weak in the knees,
We made a plan, as we hid away by the tree
I was still so doped up I did not know what happened to me
Just that we were scared and that I was in pain
We made a plan to run for the woods, and we knew it was insane
But we had to try, just one last time
We had to live to make them pay for there crimes
As we were running, and running but they were coming after us in full speed
We were not going to make it, so I let them run ahead
I tripped over a log and fell on a rock bed
And in one moment, his hands were around my throat
The whole world went black, my soul began to float
I was pulling away from my body, seeing my friends faces as they cried
I knew it was over, I knew that I had died
And in that moment, in a all glowing bright light,
I heard one question, one voice on this violent night
Do you want to live, for this choice is yours alone
I said god now is not my time, please send me back home
Like a lightening bolt, I jolted back into my body
The nice one was giving me mouth to mouth recipitation and I was back to reality
I had no memory of what all had occured, I was in traumatic shock from the trauma I endured
All I knew was that he saved me, and for that I was so greatful and amazed
My friends were hysteric, as I saw them thru a haze
The nice guy went and fought, and beat the violent one up
Saying he would kill him if he touched me again
But than we all came back to that same dilemma it was said
That what can they do, if they do not kill us dead
I made the suggestion that we all go with him, the others must disappear and do no more harm
My friends were scared and said if they had to go with them they would rather die
I told them we had no choice if we wanted to make it alive
I gave them my word that we would not say anything to anyone
Blindfolded we drove to a hidden location that we did not know
Just me and my friend, as the other friend decided to go her seperate ways
We stayed with the guy for just a couple of days.
I did not know at first, I had no clue what had occured
I knew I was covered in bruises and could barely walk or speak
My friend kept trying to get thru to me but is seems I had a slight amnesia
I thought this guy was my boyfriend that we had just a night out of leisure
It wasn't until days later, did I finally recall
I began to remember, I was able to talk
I told him that I hated him but was greatful he let me live
But never in my life would I ever forgive
Since he gave me life, I would give him his
I would keep my mouth shut, for everything that he did

We were missing for days it was all over the news
Slowly gaining memory I became less confused
I knew I was raped, I knew I was abused
But I wanted it behind me buried deep into my past
Although I knew eventually, that it would not last
Now my biggest regret is this to this day
That I wish I would have justice for the pain that remains
So to this day, every moment I do remember
As I will never forget that day, the day I died in November
Underneath that pale moon sky
Where only the stars, and heavens heard my cries
Where I left my soul buried, it now lies
Forever lost in those moments, I carry the pain inside

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Comments (5)

Your poem has moved me like never before. A story so shocking I'm numb to my core. You share with the world this most horrible crime. And then tell it all with impeccable rhyme. I feel your outrage, your horror and strife. I hope you have somehow moved on with your life. The cross that you carry must weigh several ton. At age fifteen life has just barely begun. Sincerely I wish you the best of the best Perhaps in a way it was one awful test. If you can still write out this story that sings you know you can handle whatever life brings.
Wow, this poem is really deep.You have true talent for writing.I luv this poem< 3
wow this poem almost sent me into tears thanks for sharing it with me Villie <3
wow. that was written so well! it flowed and i had to keep reading to find out what happened........
Unspeakable tragedy. I am truly sorry. 'Vengence is mine' sayeth the Lord. (He will set things aright) . DGP