Gangs Of War

gangs are a lie
they make you feel worse inside
they make you feel temptation
some people in gangs need to see the realization
that gangs are nothing to feel
and gangs are evil portals that need to be sealed
when you love a gang member
its only lust try to remember
so please stop the madness
cause after that its only sadness
thats why gangs are nothing to feel
so please don't try to break that seal
because gangs are a lie
just look at it through my eyes.

by tierra fisher

Comments (2)

Gangs r just like'a pack of dogs strive'n 2 survive n the creul natured world they were born n...but I feel where ur comm'n from home grl... Peace, Rage'n Cage'n
Nice poem I Agree with it for most gangs But what about gangs of new yorkk ehhhh? ?