Gangsta Whispher Dam I Am....

today was a great day
made up for all those that were sad
and went away
snoop dog on the cd
watching you puff on a stogi
found a penny head up
knew the day was gonna be filled with good luck
made the journey to the dam
you got out and said thank u mam
we spoke and we speak
on how terrible our lives were this week
we peeked at one another
knowing this relationship is gona be like a sister and brother
talking about my knee incision
asking quiestions about circumsision
5 dollars for a rootbeer
put it on my tab i have no fear
one hot dog down
chili all over you looking like a clown
2 hot dogs put away
ahh can u imigine a romantic gateaway
3 dogs yummy
are u full so says ur tummy
twist and turn all the way down
the view breathless i said without a frown
put song on from scaggle place
waiting patiently to see reaction on ur face
and when u recieted the tune
i shot up to the moon
how did u recal after so many years
i glanced at you and shed a purple tear
cant say we were some of the few
that got a 3-d view
it was great
we both know its better than fate
youll dont have to say a word i know you feel
come get me for im the real deal

by kiki KEYKEY amador

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