Gangsta Whispher Wat Imaginations

expeirnce nothing no feeling
my body gets up and gets out of bed
while my mind is still laying there in my head
ill try to make this whipsher no boring
try to follow me cause i dont know where its going
here and there
it aint me i am nowhere
looking at myself in the mirror glass
at all world around me slowly pass
writting whisphers left and right
whilee my heart and mind entagled in a fight
wat is right wat is wrong
still loven that endless love song
one step ahead cautious not to get caught
walking around like i am a robot
still cannot connect anything with emotions
tore between love and devotions
trying to dissconnect
still feeling the outher body experince effect
not so real
not allowing myself to feel
why wont you let me be free
why are u requireming so much from me
i was your forever
remember u said u didnt wanna be together
just like in that funk love song
ya know gone with the wind
you used to hate it when i would sing
that was my out
ahhh the truth always came out of my mouth
needing u like a tree needs water
looking up to ya like my gangsta father
giving you my love and respect
knowing how to open mouth kiss you no funk peck
you see i had ur back im a gangsta
wasnt a ho wasnt a prankster
made you laugh
kept you forever on the right path
made slow love to you all night long
listening to voyage to altantis fav song
you will never forget my touch
now u beg for it so much
tooo tooo late
this is destiny or maybe fate
now you sit back and watch me walk
your eyes cant even look at me or talk
how sad ull never have me again
ill be in ur mind now and then
let me tell you wat its like
youll feel like ur going crazy phycic
your heart will be bleeding
cuz no beat no feeling
youll lay in bed
comotose almost dead
youll cry out for me
everywhere u look ull see me
youll think of the walks on the beach down south
youll always remember the feeling of my wet mouth
have you ever wanted something so bad
that it makes you crazy maybe mad
im describing you in full force
and no babee i have no remorse

by kiki KEYKEY amador

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