A Girl I Used To Know

I'm thinking of a girl I used to know
And how, during her life I loved her so
My daughter, daddy's little girl, my angel
Put on a pedestal, I couldn't catch her when she fell

We were so much alike, she and I
The same things could make us laugh, make us cry
Trips to the zoo, amusement park or playground
When she said 'I love you daddy' happiness I found

When she was little, there was nothing she could hide
I could always tell what she was feeling inside
Happy or sad, afraid or trying to be brave
If she did something wrong, I always forgave

As a teen-aged girl she had her secrets
Things that if her father knew might cause regrets
Did he fail her? How did he go wrong?
But no matter what, in his heart she would belong

As she grew older, the less I knew
My little girl, what happened to you?
Once you would say 'daddy let's play'
Soon it was 'leave me alone, go away! '

Being a single father is difficult enough
But having a teen-aged daughter really is rough
Waiting up for her when she goes out on a date
Pray you don't lose it, if he brings her home late

Then one day, every parent's dread
Policeman at my door, saying my little girl was dead
A motorcycle accident and my life was shattered
Losing the only person who ever really mattered

Holly my baby, I'm always thinking of you
And then I start crying, what else can I do?
To bear all this pain, I let the tears flow
When I think about you, the girl I used to know

by Harry J. Couchon Jr

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hey that was by far the best poem on here i loved it but you had some typoes other than that you are the best one blood one love peace