Mother earth has provided us enough to smoke,
you throw the seeds and it grows like weeds.
This is the land of Mother Ganga,
What is there in smoking Ganja?

Our leaders and planners work without spanners,
thinking grass smokers have no manners
but there's white woven beer, whisky and wine
and its killing people all the time.

Employment is nil and they have no will
as they enter the drug zone with thrill.
Money in their pocket, they zoom like rocket,
making themselves as, fused socket.
The government is to blame, you know?
'cause they don'y allow ganja to grow.

by Alex David

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New goverment adverts would help - Why drink'n'drive'n'die When you can use ganja to fly, dont think they'l go for it some how. Nice job brv
too bad too cause hemp might be able to make a difference for some people for free, not only smoking, but clothing, oils, medicines, etc..... and that is where america goes crazy, nothing is free when corporations are too quick to reply and help us remember we deseve nothing, the future always a playful addiction for them, and i do not want what they think