Ganjeris As Heroes/ I Can See The Ganjeris Gathering And Holding Parleys

I can see
The ganjeris
Gathering to smoke,
Smoke ganja
With the earthen pipe
and the little cloth piece
They trying to light,
Puff to ignite
And on the embers
The ganja substance
And it burning
and they smoking
One by one,
Smoking in ganja.

The adolescent boys
From high class families
Keeping company with
The people of a low profile
And taking ganja
In their company
Just to do intoxication,
To be a romantic,
A hero,
Making a tryst with
Cheaper ganja,
The well-to-do ones
Keeping company with
To spoil themselves.

Where are they going
In search of pleasure,
Where are they
Getting all luxury
And liberty,
The high class boys
As loafers and roamers
And bikers,
Where are they,
Where are they
Going to
End up as ganjeris
And addicts,
The boys with
The mobile phone set
And the latest model bike?

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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