Garage Sell

Yes, sir, this is a good present for your wife,
it's the vase containing all the happiness i've ever lived.
I'm just like you, and one day i had a life,
i hope you more happiness than mine, it's a really good gift.
Oh, this is beautiful, i used to love it so much,
it's my soul, so fragile and for you there's a discount.
Once, this soul flew from a gentle touch,
don't worry, i'll live, no matter how strange that may sound.
Would you like to take a look,
at some good material belongings? follow me it's this way.
This rose i kept in my book,
for ages now, but you can take it for free today.
Sorry, this is not for sale,
sadness and lonliness are just to decorate the place.
They are a terrible gale,
but surely, you can buy the beauty of my old face.
And this tells me you're a very rational one,
but though my mind was wise, it couldn't stop the fall.
For any price, really, i want it gone,
i'm giving up my whole life for i've given up mind's call.
These are my diaries, couple of bad days,
but actually, you can learn a lot from it.
I'm giving up my past for always,
it would really help me if i was able to forget.
Well, that goes for any amount of money,
it's broken many times and full of scars and seams.
Once, it made life sweeter than honey,
but now it's like a still born, lost for dreams.
Actually it's the reason for this garage sell,
i don't want it any more, but it's up to you.
A useless heart that made my life a living hell,
just because it was always so honest, so true.
Time is running and i have to go,
take what you need and pay what you can.
It's not about money, it's about letting go,
some of these things are nice and beautiful,
and some are handy but some you just can't understand...

by Eman Awad

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