Your words tempt me

I want to break your heart

Simple as finding a light

And switching it off.

It's all that rage inside you

Swirling like a thunderstorm

In summer heat

Relentless, pointless,

but necessary

With two forces joining

In a game of who breaks first.

I can't promise you anything except forwhat I am.

And what I am is everything.

For the exact same reason I am alsonothing.
Changing as constant as the seasons.

I bend to whispers

Hidden in the breath of passing voices

And carried by distant breezes to my window

With one ear pressed against the glass

I listen for you to come.

But you never call.

My past becomes a bundle of broken windchimes

Tangled and sawn off

Making strangled sounds

When someone from my past decides to sigh.

And this is why I have to keep movingforwards.

Never lingering too long in a place that Iknow

Has the capacity to destroy me.

For my crushed soul was shaped

not for the lack of my trying

so as a lack of being received.

But no one ever said it was easy.

And if I can claim anything

I can claim I have lived fully

And wholly

And freely.

by Nicola Thoner

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