VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Garbage Truck

I go to my home after school
And each time garbage truck passes by

Were does he go after his work hours?
Is it tunnel to under world
Were demon fead from our garbage

Each day it passes by
Each day it takes our garbage
To some unknown pleace

It allways goes to one pleace
And that pleace may be a secret
But noone is interested in it
Thats wy its easy to explean
Wy we dont know anything

Maby that garbage truck takes bodys from morg or takes dead animal corps

Maby its djust inoather demon of life
Maby he steals our lives
And soon it can be our turn
To fead thouse demons

May it be true
Or is it false

Wo knows wot it`s like
Noone is interested in it

Thats wy we fear it
And wats wy we will wait untill it comes our turn to die

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