Garden Of Evil

There is a place where nothing grows.
All here is dead and the wind seldom blows.
Surrounded by stones laid from beginning to end.
Nothing thrives here but evil and sin.

A gathering of souls, a dead mans ball.
Hidden away, Invisible to all

Mist hangs thick engulfing the trail.
Blanketing the ground like a widows black veil
Shrouded by darkness tucked safely away
If you wind up here, then here you will stay.

Hard to resist, are the sirens call
Hidden away, Invisible to all

Things are planted here deep beneath the ground.
Some were put here never meaning to be found.
Crypts are sealed, many enclosed by iron gates.
Inside their dark tombs, evil patiently waits.

Beckoning you closer, hear the ravens caw
Hidden away, Invisible to all

by Poison 9901

Comments (1)

Oh dear, well I know I don't want to end up in this deep dark hole. You paint a very clear picture of what hell could be, I have no doubt of this at all, in fact I think it would be thick with the tar of evil with beasts of empty eyes who feast on the blood of the fallen ones, great poem Poison.--Melvina--