MS (4/27/59 / Chandigarh, India)

Garden Stroll

This Spring day is a gift
To enjoy simple pleasures
A stroll through the silver bells
A 2 year old in pink smocked overalls
Playing in the burnished copper fountain
Trying to capture the lights of the setting globe
The hot pink tulips blush orange in delight or shyness
For couples have circled them hand in hand stealing a kiss
I pick up a Rosa Bella Camellia to press it like years gone by
And wrap
A soft shawl of blue
Violet pansies woven sweetly
Like myriad of happy memories lovingly
Stitched together to give me hope that you will
Always think of me in moments like this when we
Work together with green ice late and caramel macchiato
Sunday March 16 2008

by Monita Soni

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